After the optimization design of the motors, by contrast with the similar products, Nanyoo’s products have an obvious advantage either in terms of energy consumption, noise or working life.   In addition, it gives a six year quality assurance       and obtains the “GUANGDONG FAMOUS TRADE MARK CERTIFICATE”, NANYOO Air Curtain “GUANGDONG TOP BRAND PRODUCT”.
      Supported by the powerful research, development and production system, Nanyoo makes more comprehensive service commitments to its customers that include: Offer free consultation service, provided product catalogues, help customers design schemes for actual application environment, and choose the most appropriate machine types and installation schemes for them.

      The company has also established completely quality guarantee(three guarantees)system:

Complete machines are warrantee for one year

Motors are used for six years’ guarantee.

Besides, we provide after-sales telephone follow-up service: Answer any question of the users about the use of machine or serve to satisfy any requirement of the user at any time.

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