Heat Recovery Ventilator


1.  Energy saving ventilation:recycle the heat loss of ventilation(fresh air load)effectively,can cut down the cost of air conditoning

2.  Saving function:because you can greatly reduce the load of fresh air,and part of the heat energy can be recovered, the air conditioning equipment can be properly miniaturization

3.  Humidity control function:when refrigeration--lower the high humidity of the incoming air,get close to the indoor humidity air;when heating--make the incoming dry air being close to the indoor air humidity and then supply it into indoor

4.  Comfortable ventilation:ventilation of indoor temperture change is small,due to incoming air and platoon air at the same time,can be stable at strong closed room ventilation

5. Soundproof effects: Machine body air duct, heat exchanger core has sound insulation effect, can prevent the outdoor noise introduced into the house, or prevent indoornoise get out to the outside, not destroy the office public environment etc.

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